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The Weill Project blog: Kurt Weill and shadow puppetry

(Blog post by Juliana Brandon)

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Somewhat abstract papercut image on a watercolor wash background with a starry sky. The papercut image includes silhouette faces of 
a man and a woman looking more or less toward each other, but both tilted a bit upward. The man is wearing a billed cap.

Juliana wrote this for her own blog on October 14, 2021. As some of you know, much of Juliana's visual art involves shadow puppetry. As part of the Weill Project, she is producing a number of works using paper-cutting techniques that are related to her techniques of making shadow puppets. As it happens, these art forms have a surprisingly strong connection to Kurt Weill via his sometime collaborator Lotte Reiniger 🔗, pioneer of silhouette animation. Juliana's post talks about that history and also features her designs for placards for five of the songs we will be performing at our concerts beginning in February 2022, all of which use papercut techniques. You can read her blog post below, thanks to the wonderful technology known as an HTML iframe, or you can "break out" the original page.

At right: placard image for the Ogden Nash / Kurt Weill song "Speak Low". The blog post below includes this and four other placard images by Juliana.

Image by Juliana Brandon, all rights reserved.

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Original date: 18 October 2021
Last modified: 18 October 2021

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