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The Weill Project: Support us

There are two great ways you can help support the Weill Project:
Buy one of our really cool Weill Project T-shirts!
Our logo on red or white, or the really sparkly "Speak Low" T-shirt by Juliana Brandon, or the rather ominous "Moritat" T-shirt by Yvette Endrijautzki.
Picture of four different T-shirt designs
A scene from 'Nachthymne' by Franz Schubert from Juliana's Paper Puppet Opera 'Schubert Scraps' series

A scene from Nachthymne by Franz Schubert, from Juliana's Paper Puppet Opera Schubert Scraps series (© Juliana Brandon, all rights reserved).

Support Juliana Brandon. You can:

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Last modified: 9 September 2021

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