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The two primary members of the Weill Project, Joe and Juliana are available together or separately for house concerts, etc. in the Greater Seattle area. As of December 2021 we have somewhere over an hour of Weill material ready; each of us also has an extensive repertoire of other music; feel free to contact us via email about any performance opportunities, or if you want to know more. (And please, please, please get vaccinated against Covid-19 if you haven't already. We want our friends and fans alive.)

Also, Juliana is available for commissions as a visual artist  🔗 and Joe is available as a Seattle-based photographer and as a visual artist  🔗. Contact us via email if you want to know more.

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Last modified: 15 December 2021

Please send email for the Weill Project to Normally, we check this at least every 48 hours. Or you can follow us at The Weill Project Facebook group.